Short story- Down in the forest

The silence of the forest was terrifying. No matter how many times one came into these woods, something different would always happen. Some things were easy to explain, like an earthquake or thunderstorm… and others, not so much.

Something drew her to the forest that day. Victoria was going about her daily business, farming as usual on her family’s local farm, when something called to her. It was the strangest thing. She edged closer to the border of the forest, a thick copse of trees that held terrifying secrets. She took a deep breath and began walking. After about 10 minutes, for she had been counting, she realized she had made a terrible mistake. The forest was thick and she couldn’t see any way out. The silence echoed through the trees and through the air.

What was she doing this for? Victoria thought to herself. Why was she here?

She didn’t have time to come up with an answer for suddenly, out of nowhere, a figure jumped in front of her and began to run. Don’t follow it. Turn around, go home. Mother is probably worried sick.

She didn’t listen, despite her immaculate persuasion skills. Instead of doing the smart thing, going home, she began to run after the strange figure. Jumping over fallen logs and puddles of water. She dashed through the trees as fast as she could. All she could hear was the pounding of her heart and the beat of her feet against the ground. She tailed the figure, always keeping close behind. Although, this was hard as whatever this thing was, it was a lot faster than she was.

Suddenly the figure stopped, and Victoria realized this too late and found herself face to face with the creature.

Although it wasn’t a creature at all, despite her deepest fears, Victoria was not looking at some mythical beast of any kind, instead, she was looking at something, someone, possibly the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life.

She didn’t have time to gawk or talk for that matter because the figure raised a hand and blasted her with fiery blue magic. Straight in the chest. She sank to her knees and let the bleak silence of unconsciousness come.

That was just an excerpt from a story I might continue writing. I would really love to know what you guys think so let me know in the comments or send me an email:)

Thanks for reading





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